About Us

     Our passion for design is what drives Decortie in doing what we are doing. As a European furniture brand,    we do not just design home furnishings. In every design, we made – we did it from our hearts. The products that we produce encompass the most diverse styling range in the furniture industry.
As one of the design leaders in Europe, the product assortment of Decortie is presented as that of lifestyle collections. The varieties of our products offer furniture for every part on your home – be it the outdoor living, the kitchen, the bedroom, media room, dining room or the home or in your home office. When it comes to product designs of innovative feature – we have the proven expertise that enables us to take the spot where we are now. Once we launch a furniture product – it is not only guaranteed with that quality designs. Rest assured that its quality is an exceptional one.

Our People

    Here at Decortie, we focus on what we intend to become. Our culture is the representation of the collective ideas, experiences, attitudes and aspirations of every single person in our organization.
We have a pool of designers who truly know how to excel in what they do. We have no specific designs, as anything around us can be the inspiration of our work.
Our work is a puzzle of its own. Coming up with the perfect furniture design is not just something we take lightly. We look around, ask questions, daydream, think, fail and then try again until the pieces of our designs solved the puzzle come to life.
We have an in-house production for the furniture we have. Our products are not the just embodiment of innovative designs – it is also of exceptional value along with craftsmanship tethering to outstanding.  We create our own products from the design up to manufacturing and everything in between. The efficient and knowledgeable hands of our crafters are what mold our product as to what it will become.
    Our team of designers and crafters are not merely experts in their field. Their personality and skills have been honed by experience making them a very well-versed professional in their career.   In everything that they do, they are pouring their passion, dedication, and love for what they do. This is the reason why we are able to provide not just a vast range of styling   but a vast range of exceptional furniture collection.

Our Design

     When it comes to our work, we are obsessive about robustness and quality.   When we create prototypes – we do it rigorously. We ensure that we come up with playful furniture designs. We do not settle for ordinary designs and craftsmanship. Mundane designs are not something we do here – we always aim for something unique, exceptional and out of the ordinary.
At Decortie, we are designing different furniture items. We have bookcases, shelf units, side tables, coffee tables, cabinets, wall hanger, wall shelves and more.
We pride ourselves with designing and creating furniture that spices up your place. When it comes to the style statement of your interior – we have the products that can give you a strong one. Our works are distinctive as each of them carries the mark that is only found in the products that we have made.    We made use of the finest materials for every item we made.
We are naturally curious and never shy away from explorations. This is attitude is what makes our designs stronger and more appealing. We took risks and learned from our mistakes. In our chase of unique and exceptional furniture design – we welcome every idea and inspiration.  We do not do repetitive designs. Every day, we strive to find something new to offer for our loyal and potential customers.

What We Do

     As a European furniture brand, we create new and unique furniture designs every day and produce them on our own. We are a prominent leader when it comes to furniture items. What furniture you need – we have it in our collection.  In every furniture we made – we follow no less than the industry standard. If there is, one thing that we can guarantee our customers with – it is that we offer furniture items worth owning.
Our innovative product designs combined with the outstanding craftsmanship result to furniture product that does not just feed the eyes – they are also made to stand the test of time.  Every day, our performances root from the highest level of both our individual capabilities and collective ones as a team.  We give nothing but our best. We have set high goals we are meeting and will then exceed. We are the focus on ensuring that our customers get a total satisfaction in every furniture item they get from us.
Here at Decortie, we are one unit. We are united in creating innovative designs and quality products while ensuring that we remain environment-friendly. Here, we ensure that we get it all right.